There is no place like home

mumo is a software platform that enables fast implementation of secure single purpose tablet devices.

Our goal is to digitize the healthcare and domiciliary care industries with a cost-effective way to provide treatment and care at home.


This is the world we live in

We all live longer

Lifestyle diseases increase on a global level

We want to live at home

At the same time many people who live at home are very lonely

Digitalization is the only way

A lot of services could be provided remotely

Money talks

Governments “push” people to live and to be treated at home to reduce costs

Our solution

Single purpose devices

Digitally signed content

Mutual TLS authentication

Security tested and approved

Authorized installation

Field tested for two years

No IT support needed

Our customers


Public and private hospitals and insurance companies

Home care

Public and private home care service providers


Healthcare device manufacturers and software vendors


The end user is the patient/person at home

Start building your business model today!

Mika Paananen
Mika Paananen, CEO
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Lari Tirkkonen
Lari Tirkkonen, Chairman of the Board
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Jyrki Suominen
Jyrki Suominen, CTO
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Tuomas Saarinen
Tuomas Saarinen, COO
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