I have liked this very much.
Days pass faster when there is something to do.


After all, there is a sense of security
when I have a panic button in the corner.


Taimi Hakkarainen, Viitasaari, Finland

Value for the home care provider

  • cost savings
  • security sertified communication
  • easier routine procedures
  • the release of resources for care and meaningful encounters
  • possibility to serve 24/7
  • documentation / digital notebook
  • family involved in the service ecosystem
  • the opportunity to provide stimuli to the customer

Value for the home care customer

  • sense of security
  • daily contact with the home care provider
  • reminders, instructions, advice
  • alarms
  • remote doctor’s appointments
  • “Take your medicine” reminders
  • remote rehabilitation
  • digital notebook
  • easy contact with family and friends
  • customized content

Value for the family

  • sense of security
  • share moments when ever desired 
  • direct contact with the home care providers
  • digital notebook
  • security sertified communication
  • sharing family images and videos



Volumes, content, functionalities and user right levels


We provide everything needed to build a solid solution

  • Devices and network connections
  • Personalization
  • Training and support


Fixed licence fee plus user volume based monthly pricing
White-label pricing model